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9 X 51 SMAW

This was a British designed aiming device for the multi-use Shoulder Mounted Attack Weapon (SMAW) that was fired from a specialised spotting rifle positioned to the side of the rocket launcher. A standard 7.62 NATO case was used that was necked up to 9mm with a special 22 Hornet blank insert at the base to provide the charge. Upon firing the Hornet case is pushed backwards, thereby reloading the rifle from a detachable box magazine. The following is a description from the IAA FORUM: ‘Background: The SMA W system (launcher, ammunition and logistics support) was fielded in 1984 as a Marine Corps unique system. At that time. the SMA W included the NIK 153 Mod O launcher, the MK3 Mod O HEDP encased rocket, the MK4 Mod O practice rocket and the MK217 Mod 0 9mm spotting cartridge. The MK6 Mod O encased HEAA rocket is being added to the inventory. The MOD 0 has demonstrated several shortcomings. A series of modifications is currently planned to address the deficiencies. include a re-sleeving process for bubbled launch tubes, operator and technical manuals, a kit that will reduce environmental intrusion into the trigger mechanism, and an optical sight modification to allow the new rocket to be used effectively against moving armor targets. Recently fielded Were IWW boresight bracket kits that, when installed, will solve the loss of boresight problem between launch tube and spotting rifle. During Desert Storm, 150 launchers and 5,000 rockets were provided to the U.S. Army.’

                      Actuator/Ignition blanks                Bullet