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The .222 Rimmed was developed using the original .222 Remington case as a basis to provide a suitable cartridge alternative for the huge number of surplus .310 Martini Cadet rifles available in Australia in the 1950s. The Super Cartridge Co (Maribyrnong, Melbourne, Victoria) manufactured ammunition and cases and the 222 Rimmed was a popular hunting and target cartridge. Super continued production until the late 1970s. They experienced serious legal problems as a result of a ruinous patent infringement case during the early 1970s, when Super made its own “Impact Extrusion” shotsells, using a variation of Winchester-Western (Olin) “AA One Piece Extruded Case” patents. They lost the case and it basically bankrupted the company. This forced them to undergo a corporate restructuring from Super Cartridge Co (Pty) Ltd. to Super Cartridge (1977) (Pty) Ltd. The company could however not be saved and in 1982 it was closed down and all machinery, inventory and trademarks were purchased by Bruce Bertram, who had just retired at the time from the Victoria Police Force. Once the stocks of “Super” inventory etc. were exhausted, the new BB trademark packet became more commonly used.

ACCA = Australian Cartridge Collectors Association

Interesting boxes for the 222 Rimmed (Source: IAA Forum)