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Links - This is the organisation to belong to if you are serious about cartridge collecting - Spanish speaking site, but well well worth a visit. - This is the European Cartridge Collector website. They have different language groups - This is a headstamp guide. I use the DVD a lot for identification and research - All the DWM case numbers. Relatively straight forward site - By Tony Williams. This is an excellent research site for military cartridge collectors - Very cool site by Guy Hildebrand. He posts a page every month with some of his research - This is a site with all the German codes. Not limited to cartridges only. - Another site with comprehensive info on German ordinance codes - By Tony Edwards. Excellent site dedicated to British military cartridges and research. - Research site for the 6.5x52 Carcano - German cartridge collector site - Another headstamp guide - This is a page from George Hoyem's site. Very comprehensive collection by John Witzel on 30-30 Win, 25-35 Win, 32-40 Win and 32 Winchester Special - Site by Lew Curtis. Among his many talents, Lew is THE MAN for all things 9mm LUGER