Welcome to Cartridgecollector.net

If this is your first visit to the site, welcome. I hope you enjoy spending time here as much as I did getting everything into the collection and on to the website. What you will see here is basically my collection. This site will grow in time, there are many items to add. I thought at some stage to put one of those little icons that show that it's "UNDER CONSTRUCTION" but if you are a serious collector that would be futile, because the collection will forever be under construction. There will always be that elusive cartridge one looks for and the joy of finding it. That joy lasts way longer than the pain sometimes if one think back at what was paid for that cartridge. Only a collector will understand it.

The goal of this website is to get everything in my collection listed here. Some of the items are cartridges only at this stage, but in time I will add all the research material as well. My great joy with this is sharing all the information with as many other collectors as possible. All of the images on this site is free for you to use, I do not keep any copyright on anything here. There is a form where you can contact me on the site. If you have some additional information, or just some ideas on how to make this site better please let me know.

New stuff added can be found under RECENT ENTRIES. From time to time I will also add something under FEATURED. Every now and again I go through the collection and find some interesting items, or something that I - maybe desperately - am looking for information on. There are some way more knowledgeable collectors out there. If you haven't done so yet, have a look at the discussion forum on the IAA website.

After some months of testing and input from other collectors, we have launched this new look that makes navigation a lot easier. On the left will be the headings for the cartridges that have been listed so far. On the main navigation bar you will see a new heading, namely SOUTH AFRICAN REFERENCE COLLECTION. It will contain a list of South African cartridges, as well as cartridges by various local manufacturers.